Hi, I’m Katie.

I’m currently seeking opporuntities as a mobile developer. I also have expertise in product management and user research and I’m open to combining these things in interesting ways.

This summer I’ve been teaching myself Swift and loving it. I built my first iOS app RoundTrip, which is now available in the app store. Earlier this spring, I attended the School for Poetic Computation and wrote about all my adventures here.

Aside from coding and art projects I run a lot, I practice yoga, I just started a sci-fi book club, and sometimes, I know my way around a kitchen.

Previously, I worked on products at Kitchensurfing, Miso, and SocialMedia.com and wrote about the tech market at Forrester Research. I believe in the power of talking to your users and wrote this blog post about why startups need to do more of it.

In what feels like a past life, I worked on political campaigns for two amazing women, this one from Washington State in 2004 and this one from Massachusetts in 2006. We still need to elect a lot more females to office (among other places).

I have a bachelors in Economics and Political Science from Claremont McKenna College, where I was also a sprinter on the track team.